From June 10th, 2019 you will be able to apply for E-1 and E2 visas.

Click here to see presentation from US Consulate about E visas

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For info about visas, living & working in USA see USCIS 

Our members who can assist you:

Norris Echetebu Law

Contact: Ada Echetebu
Tel: 09-889-2602

Experts in American Law, we pride ourselves in providing only the best legal services to our clients. We offer a wide range of US legal expertise to clients based throughout the world and in particular, to New Zealand and Australian clients with interests within the United States and its territories.As the only US law firm in New Zealand, we work for a varied range of clients in New Zealand including individuals, businesses, law firms, media outlets and estates and specialize in providing immediate, top-quality and cost-efficient alternatives to working with American Law firms located abroad, without the inconvenience and constraints of distance, time and big international law firm billing rates. 

We also offer our US-based clients US legal representation in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Together with our wide network of highly-specialized and experienced lawyers in New Zealand and throughout the United States, Norris Echetebu Law is dedicated to provide our clients top-notch, smart and effective US legal representation.

Global Visas Ltd

Contact: Claire Reynolds

Global Visas have been arranging visas for clients travelling overseas for over 25 years. The team at Global Visas understand complex visa rules and regulations for countries all around the world and have helped thousands of clients obtain visas to visit, live and work overseas. We provide  a full and comprehensive personalised visa application service for all clients that includes full guidance on all required documentation and evidence for applications, confirming biometric appointments and consulate interviews. Our team can also assist with interview preparation.

We can assist with all Visitor Visas for NZ based migrants and residents holding other nationality passports and NZ citizens with criminal convictions. Business or Work Visas and Green Card applications.

Fragomen Australia

Sherwin Noorian, Associate - US Attorney of Law
+ 61 2 8224-8558

Established in 1951, Fragomen has grown from a respected domestic U.S. immigration law practice to a truly global organization. Our expansion has been a direct result of our strategic decision to establish offices in the markets where our clients would benefit from our on-the-ground presence.