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NextGen Committee

Empower Youth in the AmCham Space

Build a strong foundation for the future of AmCham NZ by nurturing the next generation of leaders and members who will sustain and grow the organization. Engage, target, and increase membership among young professionals while bridging the gap between AmCham and underrepresented sectors of interest to them.


 Empowering Young Minds: Provide a platform for networking, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing to empower young professionals. Connect emerging talent with industry leaders to foster professional growth.

 Amplifying Voices: Ensure that the voices and ideas of young professionals are heard and actively incorporated into AmCham's decision-making processes. Bridge the generational gap for a more vibrant and forward-thinking community.

 Community Outreach and Social Impact: Engage in community outreach and social impact initiatives. Encourage young professionals to contribute positively to society through volunteer activities and partnerships with local organizations.

 Digital Innovation and Technology Integration: Leverage technology and digital platforms to cater to the digital-first mindset of the next generation. Enhance virtual networking, develop online resources, and promote digital innovation within the AmCham community.

 Advocacy for Youth Interests: Act as a dedicated advocate for the interests and concerns of young professionals within the AmCham network. Seek input, conduct surveys, and engage in dialogue to address their needs.

How Next Gen AmCham Can Achieve These Objectives:

Networking Events: Organize engaging networking events for young professionals, facilitating connections with influential members and industry leaders.

Workshops and Seminars: Curate workshops and seminars led by industry experts on topics relevant to young professionals' development.

Speaker Series: Invite renowned speakers from the US-NZ space to share experiences and insights.

Targeted Events for Students and Graduates: Host events tailored to students and recent graduates interested in US-NZ business and trade.

Cultural Exchanges: Promote cultural exchange events between the US and New Zealand to foster mutual understanding and appreciation.


Pranay Singh, Chair, Norris Echetebu Law

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