Noel Group announces opening of Houston Launch Pad

01 Jul 2016 9:36 AM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

Houston-based Noel Group Inc. today announced the opening of its Houston Launch Pad (

The Launch Pad is a Noel Group initiative
designed to assist businesses to quickly establish a beachhead in the Houston market, and as a gateway to Texas and the US. Located just 10 minutes from the airport and on the 20th floor of the iconic Greenspoint Four building in a campus-like setting that includes a Hilton hotel, fully-serviced conference center, a dozen restaurants and a state-of-the-art fitness center, the Launch Pad is the ideal place to do business while enjoying the benefits of an all-in-one facility. A comprehensive range of support services are available via Noel Group on flexible terms, including:

  • ·        Office space, facilities & ICT infrastructure
  • ·        Business development & marketing
  • ·        Private equity investment
  • ·        Accounting, insurance & legal
  • ·        Travel, housing & relocation

Noel Group CEO, Stacey Horne, believes that a key benefit the Launch Pad can offer is the ability to establish quickly in familiar company and gain market access and visibility via existing relationships built over many years. “Our team has been working with international companies, particularly New Zealand, for more than a decade and knows how to build relationships across cultures. We offer a full range of services for those who want to move into the US market. Houston is a thriving city that offers a friendly, yet cosmopolitan business environment with a can do attitude that transcends geography.

Noel’s SVP, Hamish Clark, agrees that the Launch Pad provides the ideal bridge for both sides of the Pacific. “We ‘kiwis’ share many of the same values as our Texan neighbours, including our pioneering spirit and passion for innovative thinking. Our key challenges are distance and a comparatively tiny domestic market. The Launch Pad was designed with these challenges in mind and to make ‘the leap’ as painless as possible. A trusted and committed in-market presence with deep roots is a big plus for any New Zealand company, and in order to ‘plug in’ to the US value chain with minimum burn and maximum leverage. The combination of transpacific fibre and direct flights from Houston-Auckland also make short work of distance.”

One of the Launch Pad’s early benefactors is New Zealand’s largest privately-owned paint manufacturer, Resene Paints. The company has entered into a joint venture with Noel Group to develop and market an innovative surface coating with exceptional rejection properties. It is also a significant contributor to Noel Group’s private equity fund. Resene’s CEO, Nick Nightingale, is excited by the initiative and agrees that local knowledge is invaluable for international companies entering the US. “We at Resene Paints congratulate the Noel Group on the launch of this terrific initiative. We think that it is a great idea to smooth the path of companies trying to start up in the USA; dealing with all of the little 'roadblocks' that can occur whilst trying to get established in a different jurisdiction. It is this sort of innovative thinking that makes us proud of our association with the Noel Group and, of course, anything which helps to spread 'Brand Kiwi' gets our especial backing. Noel Group has in-depth understanding of NZ business environment so can readily translate that into the US market. Resene is already using Noel Group's local knowledge and networks to identify potential sales relationships and JV opportunities in Texas/USA.”

Noel Group is also a proud member of AmCham New Zealand. Executive Director, Mike Hearn, is a Launch Pad advocate and had this to say about how the initiative could benefit its membership. “AmCham New Zealand congratulates the Noel Group on the launch of this important beachhead which will greatly assist our members and other companies doing business in the region. Having access to Noel Group’s expertise will be an invaluable asset and I look forward to deepening our already strong relationship with the Group.”

Houston-based Noel Group Inc. is a ‘smart capital’ private equity firm investing in proven entrepreneurs with scalable technology and core IP.

The Houston Launch Pad is a Noel Group initiative designed to assist businesses to quickly establish a beachhead in the Houston market, and as a gateway to Texas and the US.


Stacey Horne, CEO