Good Feeding Launched Baby Food Subscription Service To Enthusiastic US Market

24 Mar 2021 12:57 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

On March 3rd  innovative New Zealand company Good Feeding Ltd launched its Go Well infant feeding subscription programme into the lucrative US market with what Trailblazer called "the most significant global baby industry disruption ever seen". Plus they're looking for investors.

Good Feeding s 24-week Go Well programme delivers nutrient-dense, chilled infant food and a step-by-step feeding guide, plus expert advice, to parents introducing babies to solid foods. The programme is designed to form healthy eating habits by exposing infants to different tastes and textures and limiting natural sugars.

Go Well is a multi-pronged approach to infant nutrition. Its value proposition is more than just food, its empowerment. We use an innovative suite of technology and exclusive cooking processes to create the world s best baby food with superior colour, taste and texture to anything else on the market. We couple that with a science-backed step-by-step feeding programme packed with all the advice and guidance overwhelmed and under-informed new parents are crying out for, says Good Feeding Co-Founder and CEO Phil McGrath.

The result is a unique proposition within the $7.6 billion US baby food market. Conservative figures from Good Feeding s State-side research show that 28 percent of parents surveyed intend to purchase Go Well when it is available.

There is massive potential in the US that Go Well, as a scalable business offering a unique proposition, is set to capitalise on. We are expecting to attract a new wave of investors who not only want to back the next generation of smarter food companies , but also want to be part of a company making a positive difference, says McGrath.

With over 1000 parents visiting its site daily for advice and hundreds that signed up to be part of its pilot launch, Good Feeding currently projects it will capture a 2 percent market share in the States, growing their revenue from a projected NZ$6.3 million this year to NZ$85 million in five years, delivering projected EBITDA of approximately $17m by 2026.

Good Feeding was founded in 2018 after Phil and Frances McGrath saw a gap in the market and the opportunity to create positive change and address the rapidly rising rates of child obesity, early onset diabetes and other life-long health complaints by supporting parents to set up healthy eating habits right from the beginning.

The baby food market is dominated by high-sugar, nutrient-poor baby food that sets children up to crave the wrong foods and overeat. Go Well counters that via education and advice for parents and flavour training and better food for infants, says McGrath.

In late 2020 Good Feeding (Go Well), was recognised for its disruptive approach in providing parents a genuine solution, winning the coveted Food-Navigator USA Trailblazers award for innovation in kid-focused foods.  McGrath is extremely proud of his teams efforts in what he considers The most significant global baby industry disruption ever seen.

McGrath has a successful background in food innovation. He co-founded the popular Rafferty s Garden Baby Food brand that was immediately ranged in every Australian Coles and Woolworths supermarket store, rapidly taking over a 1/3 of the Australian market and was the Food Entrepreneur in Residence at Massey University s world-class research, teaching and business development facility, Riddet Innovation.

He was instrumental in commercialising the exclusive thermal processing technology suite used by Go Well to rapidly but gently cook vegetables, preserving nutrients, colour and flavour while killing dangerous bacteria.

Co-founder Frances McGrath is Director of Product Design at Good Feeding. She has a background in applied science and sports research and has spent years researching paediatric nutrition and food acceptance.

She says the goal is to establish healthy habits from the very first taste via Go Well s guided Flavour Training programme that teaches parents the right way to introduce foods. She says Go Well is designed to foster healthy confident eaters who have a positive relationship with food to take them into adulthood, potentially minimising the risks of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle related conditions.

The Go Well programme offers 42 SKUS of infant food, delivered via subscription, alongside a comprehensive 24-week baby feeding program with all the guidance parents need, delivered straight to the door. The easy-to-follow Good Feeding Guide, the comprehensive resource of and the Go Well Program help take away the anxiety or apprehension parents might be feeling when starting the feeding journey.  All aiding the bigger mission of giving children the start we all deserve . All delivered via

Investors who are looking to invest $1-5m-plus wanting to explore this opportunity can find more information at