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  • 23 Feb 2024 4:13 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    Twelve Kiwi ventures are a step closer to securing partnerships and a slice of around NZ$80 billion invested every year in cleantech startups after returning from Cleantech Trek USA.

    The globally ambitious Kiwi cleantech ventures connected with corporates and investors at networking events in Silicon Valley and at the 2024 Cleantech Forum North America, in San Diego, as part of a New Zealand Cleantech Mission led by Callaghan Innovation last month. 

    Cleantech Mission Lead Phil Anderson says the ventures, at various stages from pre-revenue to growth, are developing solutions to global challenges in areas like renewable energy, clean water, waste-to-value, carbon capture, fusion and carbon-free concrete.

    “With the next wave of unicorns – start-ups valued at $1billion – likely to include plenty of companies addressing global issues like climate change and environmental degradation, there’s a huge economic opportunity for our globally focused Kiwi cleantech startups. 

    Aotearoa New Zealand has a rich history of developing and piloting innovation before scaling offshore. With success stories including the likes of carbon recycling trailblazer Lanzatech, and the Kiwi cleantech founders who have attracted investment, including from the likes of IKEA and Khosla Ventures, we have some tangible momentum to lean into. 

    “At the New Zealand pitch and networking sessions it was clear that the corporates and investors gathered were impressed with the quality of the Kiwi innovators involved, and that this group of startups is, like those who have gone before, positioned for global acceleration. 

    Phil Anderson says while the economic opportunity is great there are  still challenges to overcome before more Kiwi cleantech startups can succeed in global markets.  

    “We have world-class people and technology but in many cases we just don’t have the market size or growth capital needed for our cleantech startups to reach their potential in global markets. That’s why it’s vital for founders to seek out international connections.

    “For US-based entities it’s much easier to partner with or invest in local technologies and talent. They need to see something very special and believe strongly in a founding team before wanting to work with a Kiwi cleantech venture.

    Phil Anderson says having a number of capable and passionate female founders there was a highlight, as was supporting ventures from across the motu, including those from Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, Christchurch and Southland.

    “Having representation from our local deep tech venture capital funds Outset Ventures, Pacific Channel and Quidnet Ventures showed offshore investors the potential for strong local VC partnerships,” he says.  

    Nilo CEO Glen Willoughby says there was, "huge value for us because we have just opened our series A capital raise. We met with all the strategic investors we wanted to connect with and others we weren't aware of as well. We also had some excellent strategic conversations at the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and with US-based Kiwi cleantech founders.”

    Bspkl CEO Christina Houlihan says, “The journey in the US has been nothing short of amazing, providing valuable connections with inspiring individuals and uncovering insightful stories. The wealth of knowledge gained about navigating investment pitches in the USA has been invaluable. I’m grateful for the opportunities and excited about what lies ahead.”

    Cetogenix CEO Trevor Stuthridge says the Cleantech Trek was “an incredibly valuable enabler for international outreach and ecosystem engagement. Cetogenix was privileged to participate and proud to be in such inspiring company.” 

    New Zealand Climate Tech For the World, a Cleantech Group report commissioned by Callaghan Innovation, found that New Zealand cleantech innovators raised 95% less investment than those in small advanced economies on average between 2011 and 2021. 

    Recent data showing a big increase in New Zealand cleantech investment in 2023, with venture and growth investment worth over $NZ390 million compared to around NZ$80 million in 2022, shows the sector is heading in the right direction, says Phil Anderson.

    New Zealand Climate Tech For the World recommended that this country take a co-ordinated approach to supporting cleantech innovators with global ambitions.

    “Cleantech Trek USA is an example of efficient and aligned collaboration from across Aotearoa New Zealand’s agencies to support participating ventures.

    “Callaghan Innovation would like to thank Cleantech Mission partners, including NZTE, Auckland Unlimited, Are Ake, and  Uniservices for their incredible support and expertise. 

    “Building the profile of the New Zealand cleantech startup ecosystem is a marathon, not a sprint. We look forward to working with our cleantech ventures and our partners going forward,” says Phil Anderson.

    CleantechTrek USA 

    Aspiring Materials: Carbon Capture   

    Creating materials to cut down global industrial CO2 emissions.

    Bspkl:  Hydrogen Innovation     

    Developing catalyst-coated membrane solutions to overcome catalyst supply challenges and manufacturing bottlenecks.

    Cetogenix: Waste to Value     

    Delivering a climate tech platform that unlocks the hidden potential for organic waste-to-renewables value addition through proprietary deconstruction, separation and fermentation.

    EnPot:  Energy Efficiency

    Technology to enable smelters to flex their power usage creating a virtual battery, supporting the adoption of renewable energy.

    Geo40: Sustainable Mineral Recovery

    Enabling critical minerals such as lithium and silica to be extracted from underground fluids at scale.

    Hydroxsys: Water Treatment

    Solving wastewater and sustainability challenges for food and industrial processors, using new membrane filtration technology.

    Neocrete: Decarbonising Concrete

    Neocrete replaces cement with nano-activated volcanic ash, creating low-carbon, high-performing concrete, at no extra cost.

    Nilo: Waste to value

    Transforming plastic waste into high-value industrial products, with a current focus on wood panel board adhesives and eco-concrete.

    Openstar Technologies:  Fusion Energy

    On a mission to deliver clean, abundant, and available fusion energy to the world.

    Sleaktek Biopolymer

    Sleak™️ is a completely natural 100% plant derived hot melt compound used to make adhesives, sealants and plastic film substitutes.

    Vortex Power Systems: Waste to value

    Using low grade waste heat recovered from thermal processes in industry, Vortex Power Systems technology generates and controls a freestanding atmospheric buoyancy vortex, and harnesses its power using a vortex turbine to create clean electricity.

    Zincovery: Waste to Value 

    Low temperature reactor technology to convert zinc ferrite compounds into any form so it can be recycled.

    Find out more about CleanTech Trek USA ventures.


  • 20 Feb 2024 9:19 AM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    The TikTok effect has helped a burgeoning Kiwi fragrance house land a $24 million deal with US retail giants Walmart and Target.

    Entrepreneurs Grant Taylor and Renee Lee founded Maison&Muse in 2021 with the aim of creating luxury home fragrance products without the high-end price tag.

    After going viral on TikTok last year, the brand’s wild vanilla and caramel scented Marylin candle became the top-selling candle in Australia.

    On the back of that success, Maison&Muse will hit the shelves in 3400 Walmart and Target stores across the United States next month.

    Breaking into the US market had always been the “north star” for the business, Lee said, and when the opportunity to meet with the global retail giants came up, she and Taylor jumped at it.

    Lee, who was 25 weeks pregnant when she flew to the US to meet with executives, said the face-to-face contact was instrumental in landing the deal, which could be a “game-changer” for the business.

    While their success started with a scented candle, it’s not just homes the business is hoping to refresh. First to launch Stateside will be its car fragrance range.

    “There are 96 million cars in the US registered to women,” Lee said.

    “However up until now the mainstream car fragrance market has either masculine or very colourful, childish designs.”

    That left a gap in the market, which Lee and Taylor, along with their soon-to-be-stockists hope to fill.

    Target and Walmart will also offer a range of Maison&Muse cleaning products, including spray cleaners and dishwashing liquid.

    Taylor and Lee are also responsible for three other brands created under their start-up, Moxx Brands, including climate-positive liquid hair care brand Everblue.

    Moxx Brands products are sold in more than 6000 stores in four countries.


  • 11 Feb 2024 9:36 AM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    AFT Pharmaceuticals (NZX: AFT, ASX: AFP) announces Maxigesic IV®, the patented intravenous form of its family of pain relief medicines, has today been launched in the US by its licensee Hikma Pharmaceuticals.

    The launch of the medicine, under the brand Combogesic IV®, is the first patented, New Zealand developed medicine with clinical studies in the world’s largest healthcare market. The first commercial sale of the medicine in the US is expected in the coming weeks, a milestone that will trigger a US$6 million licensee fee to AFT and its development partner Belgium’s Hyloris Pharmaceuticals.

    AFT expects its share of this license fee to accrue in the current financial year (estimated at around NZ$6 million).1

    The company is currently in its usual month-end preparation and review of progress and projections for FY2024 (being for the year ending 31 March 2024) and expects to update the market on its FY2024 guidance within a fortnight once this process is completed.

    “The launch of Maxigesic IV in the US, the world’s largest market for pain relief2, is a significant achievement for AFT,” said AFT Co-Founder and Managing Director Dr Hartley Atkinson.

    “We are delighted with the speed with which our partner Hikma, a leading supplier of injectable medicines in the US and around the world, has brought the medicine to market post-approval and the opportunity it shares with us on the potential of the medicine.

    “Maxigesic IV represents a significant innovation for the management of pain. It offers effective pain relief and importantly offers clinicians an alternative to opioid analgesics.

    “The launch also represents a beachhead for the commercialisation of Maxigesic in the US and potentially our broader portfolio of medicines. Our next goal is the finalization of plans to launch Maxigesic Rapid, a prescription-only tablet. We have been working on setting up AFT representation in North America in order to support commercialisation with identified partners.

    Hikma President of Injectables Dr Bill Larkins said: “The approval of Combogesic® IV is an important step in providing hospitals and health care providers in the US with an alternative treatment option for managing patients’ pain.

    “This is another example of how we continue to expand our portfolio of critical medicines and we are pleased to make this important new treatment option available for patients, helping to put better health within reach, every day.”

    Hikma’s announcement of the launch of Maxigesic IV is attached to this announcement.

    Maxigesic IV is licensed in over 100 countries and marketed in over 20. It offers a unique combination of 1,000 mg of acetaminophen (paracetamol) and 300 mg of ibuprofen. This combination of medicines with different mechanisms of action in a single formulation provides:

    • Shorter onset to analgesia3
    • Superior analgesia efficacy and comparable safety in common adverse events2
    • Sustained pain-management results2

    In a Phase 3 clinical trial, Maxigesic IV provided more than double the pain relief than that of acetaminophen (paracetamol) IV or ibuprofen IV alone.2 Time to meaningful pain relief was shorter in the Maxigesic IV group than that in the Ibuprofen IV or placebo groups. Maxigesic IV also allowed for superior analgesia efficacy.2

    Released for and on behalf of AFT Pharmaceuticals limited by Malcolm Tubby, Chief Financial Officer.

  • 09 Feb 2024 5:43 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    Vista Group and The Boxoffice Company have entered for the first time into a multi-year strategic partnership. The new partnership leverages Vista Cloud and Boxoffice’s Boost solutions to empower cinema exhibitors to attract and retain moviegoers, enhance ticket and F&B ordering, and maximize operational efficiency and returns. The Boxoffice Company and Vista Group formalized years of cooperation under this partnership, with Vista now providing Boxoffice access to Vista Cloud integrations to develop web, mobile and kiosk channels, and to extract showtimes data on behalf of joint exhibition clients.

    The Boxoffice Company sold over a half billion dollars in ticket sales for exhibitors last year, helping the top global cinema circuits grow their businesses with the company’s Boost product, an integrated platform of digital marketing and ecommerce solutions. Exhibitors attending Vista Group’s ‘Connected Future’ client conference in Auckland, New Zealand on 12-15 February will learn more about the benefits of the companies’ new partnership.

    “Our clients are always our focus. Under our Lumos product suite, Vista Group continues to offer cloud-hosted digital mobile, web and kiosk channels,” says Stuart Dickinson, Vista Group’s chief executive officer. “However, we recognize that our clients have varying requirements. We are committed to giving clients flexibility by making our API integrations available to great partners like The Boxoffice Company to deliver awesome digital experiences and confidently handle billions of moviegoer transactions via our modern APIs and proactively-scaled transaction pipeline.”

    “We are joining forces with Vista to help exhibitors take their digital presence to the next level with new SaaS technology, tools, and platforms shared by our companies,” says Stan Ruszkowski, president of The Boxoffice Company. “We will continue to super-serve our more than 200 theater chains to help cinemas of all sizes maximize revenues and customer engagement.”  

    “Technology is essential to optimizing the cinema experience, and The Boxoffice Company represents a significant technology partner for Vista,” continued Dickinson. “Together, we can empower the moviegoing experience with best-in-class digital experiences so more people can enjoy the magic of the movies. We look forward to working together to increase digital engagement among film fans.”

    “We are excited to work together with Vista to meet customers’ challenges, and to bring solutions that increase sales and meet our mutual goals in years to come,” added Marine Suttle, the chief product officer of The Boxoffice Company. “This new partnership will help our companies  support advanced capabilities to bring greater value to our customers and help them grow their business. The first opportunity we will be tackling jointly is Open Tabs for cinemas that offer Food & Beverage ordering. We’re very excited to bring this feature to our customers.”


  • 06 Feb 2024 3:36 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    On behalf of the United States of America, I send my best wishes to the people of Aotearoa New Zealand as you commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on February 6.

    Our relationship is one of mutual trust, common values, and unwavering friendship.  We work together to protect our natural environment, champion our diversity and cultures, and ensure a free, open, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.

    Our ties continued to deepen in 2021.  I was honored to host Foreign Minister Mahuta at the Department of State during her visit to Washington, D.C., in November 2021.  The United States joined the Christchurch Call to Action to combat online violent extremism, and New Zealand signed the Artemis Accords with NASA, which aims to land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon.  We maintained a mutually beneficial security relationship – from enhancing interoperability through the visit of the USS Howard to disaster assistance provided by the USS Sampson.  Most recently, the United States and New Zealand worked together to provide humanitarian assistance to Tonga after the volcanic eruptions and tsunami waves.

    We continue to stand together and do the mahi – work – as we face global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change.  As we look forward to another year of cooperation, I am reminded of the te reo Māori phrase – he waka eke noa – we’re all in this together.


  • 05 Feb 2024 8:57 AM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    A Pāpāmoa skincare business says its website traffic has gone “through the roof” and “amazing” sales numbers were generated after American socialite Kourtney Kardashian shared two of its products on her website.

    On January 23, Kardashian shared on her website Poosh a list of what she packed in her hospital bag after giving birth to she and Travis Barker’s first child together. Kardashian shared the link to Poosh’s Instagram account.

    The list included local start-up company Pure Mama’s signature belly oil and nipple butter.

    Pure Mama founder and chief executive Lara Henderson said she became “a little bit emotional” after she discovered Kardashian had shared her products.

    “It was quite a humbling moment to go, ‘Two and a half years ago, this tiny little business had just started, and now we’re kind of edging on the fringes of being a really big global brand,” the mother of two said.

    “That’s our ambition, and moments like this really make it feel like it’s achievable.”

    It follows Pure Mama announcing its new partnership last year with Mecca - Australasia’s largest prestige beauty retailer, with more than 100 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

    How Kourtney Kardashian found out about Pure Mama’s products

    Henderson said Kardashian announced her pregnancy last year and posted an Instagram story asking for recommendations for pregnancy skincare.

    “She screenshotted the recommendations that came through and Pure Mama came out as the most popular answer.”

    Henderson said Kardashian, who has 224 million followers on her personal Instagram and 4.8m on her website Poosh’s Instagram, shared it on her social media.

    “The uptake from someone who has over 200m followers ... our website traffic just went crazy.”

    Henderson said she then sent Kardashian some Pure Mama products last year.

    Website traffic goes ‘through the roof’

    After Kardashian gave birth in November and had not posted anything about Pure Mama, Henderson said she thought the “ship had sailed”.

    However, last week, Henderson’s sister and co-founder of Pure Mama, Yasmin, alerted her to a post on Kardashian’s website which linked two of Pure Mama’s products.

    “As a small business owner, you take a lot of risks ... For something as big as this to come off was just an incredible reward for our business and our team and the brand.

    “It was just amazing to get both products featured on there.”

    Henderson said sales had been “amazing” and website traffic “went through the roof” following Kardashian’s post.

    “For us to be able to have someone like her attached to our brand, not in a commercial sense but in a genuine sense, is just really powerful, and it’s something you can highlight as a brand for quite a long time to come.

    “It’s not about ... a Kardashian mentioning our product. It’s someone who cares deeply about the quality of product and what goes on their skin.”

    Henderson said American podcast host Amanda Hirsch also shared the Pure Mama products last week, “so we got another huge hit out of that”.

    “She’s very close with that whole celebrity scene in the States, so that was another win - last week, we were just buzzing.”

    Henderson said she posted the news on her social media and received “hundreds” of messages of support and congratulations.

    “To have those people kind of cheering you on in the background is really cool as well.”

    Henderson said Pure Mama was due to launch its products in America in March or April and was “already in talks with retailers”.

    “The US is our next big market, so this could not have come at a better time.”

    Megan Wilson is a health and general news reporter for the Bay of Plenty Times and Rotorua Daily Post. She has been a journalist since 2021.


  • 01 Feb 2024 12:22 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki is excited to share the works of major European artists including Picasso, Braque, Cezanne, Gauguin and Matisse in a new exhibition of modern art.

    Opening 9 February, The Robertson Gift: Paths through Modernity celebrates the monumental gift of these significant artworks from the collection of New York philanthropists Julian (1932–2022) and Josie Robertson (1943–2010) to Auckland Art Gallery.

    The collection, promised to the Gallery in 2009, comprises 15 works from influential modern European artists, including Pierre Bonnard, Georges Braque, Paul Cezanne, Salvador Dalí, André Derain, Henri Fantin-Latour, Paul Gauguin, Fernand Léger, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian and Pablo Picasso.

    Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, Director of Auckland Art Gallery, Kirsten Lacy says that the Gallery could not realise such a selection of artworks without Julian and Josie’s vision.

    “Patronage of this scale is unprecedented, and the collection of modern masterpieces is unique. The Robertson’s gift is unquestionably the most transformative bequest of international art to the country in the past century,” says Lacy.

    The couple divided their lives between New York and Aotearoa New Zealand ever since their first visit to Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in 1978–1979. The Robertson’s extraordinary gift acknowledges the lasting connections the couple formed with Aotearoa New Zealand and their passion for modern art.

    Works from the collection have been exhibited at the Gallery previously in 2006, 2009 and 2011, creating a tremendous positive response from visitors.

    Julian and Josie Robertson’s three sons, Spencer, Jay and Alex are excited to be returning to Aotearoa New Zealand for the unveiling of this momentous gift. 

    “Our parents were steadfast in their love and commitment to New Zealand, and we are proud to continue their vision. They were passionate in their belief that these beautiful pictures should be shared and enjoyed in their beloved New Zealand."

    “The Robertson’s legacy will transform our ability to tell the story of international modern art, enriching both Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa New Zealand," adds Lacy.

    Beginning with the suggestive nude bodies of the late 19th century and ending with a monumental colour-field painting from the 1960s, The Robertson Gift: Paths through Modernity takes visitors on a journey through the major art movements of the modern era, including Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Surrealism, and post-war abstraction.

    Featuring 49 paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture, the exhibition also includes visitor favourites from the permanent collection as well as other important recent acquisitions and loans, offering a broad survey of the best of late-19th- and early-to-mid 20th-century international art.

    The exhibition has been curated by Kenneth Brummel and Dr Sophie Matthiesson.

    “Visitors to The Robertson Gift: Paths through Modernity will experience an elegant and lively display that includes works by some of the most celebrated figures of international modernism,” says Kenneth Brummel, Curator of International Art. “The exhibition is a feast for the eyes, and we are excited to share it with all visitors.”

    The Robertson Gift: Paths through Modernity will be presented from 9 February 2024–1 February 2026. The exhibition is free admission.

    Exhibition details:
    The Robertson Gift: Paths through Modernity

    Friday 9 February 2024 – 1 February 2026
    10am–5pm daily

    Where: Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Cnr Kitchener and Wellesley Streets, Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

    Admission: FREE


  • 31 Jan 2024 1:20 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    Americans are falling in love with Kiwi wool, with at least three in four purchasers stating they would buy woollen products again, says Campaign for Wool NZ.

    Initiated in 2010 by King Charles III when his title was the Prince of Wales, the Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour aiming to raise awareness among consumers about the natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.

    The charity said its goal was to also add value through the supply chain and to the farm gate.

    Campaign for Wool NZ said the results of its research were particularly positive for consumers choosing woollen insulation, with 88 per cent of those who installed insulation in their homes anticipating a repeat purchase should they need insulation in the future.

    The research showed wool bedding, soft furnishings and flooring had also won the hearts of the US market.

    “This is excellent news for our strong wool growers, woollen product manufacturers and their US-based retail partners,” Campaign for Wool NZ chairman Ryan Cosgrove said.

    “The research tells us that New Zealand strong wool is having a real impact on discerning Americans – that its durability, natural beauty and sustainability credentials are really starting to stack up for buyers in this key market.”

    Researchers surveyed over 1000 consumers sitting within the top 60 per cent on the US household affluence index during October 2023.

    “We dug into the various ways wool is used in the US, how it’s perceived, how and when it is purchased, what drives that purchase and any barriers to buying wool over other products on the market,” Cosgrove explained.

    The research highlights an improvement in the perception of wool performance since the research was last conducted in 2021.

    The findings will be shared with Campaign for Wool NZ’s partners, operating across several sectors, such as growing, handling, trading, manufacturing and retailing wool.

    Cosgrove said there was an increase in the awareness of the attributes of wool.

    “Its ability to promote warmth, regulate temperature and biodegrade, for instance.”

    Consumers were also more appreciative of how wool looked and felt, but one attribute stood out more than the rest, Cosgrove said.

    “Their understanding of how wool absorbs sound has doubled – from only 20 per cent mentioning sound absorbency as an attribute to 40 per cent.”

    The research found apparel, crafting supplies and pet accessories were among the most recognised uses of wool.

    Wool was having an impact in the home, building and renovation sector as well, Cosgrove said.

    “Over three-quarters of purchasers would choose woollen bedding or soft furnishings again, and a similar number would select woollen carpets and rugs.

    “The fact that conscious consumers are increasingly prioritising sheep over synthetics can only be a good thing for hard-working New Zealand farmers, and for the environment as a whole.”

    However, Cosgrove said there was still work to be done, as consumers became increasingly price-sensitive.

    “Affordability was the number-one barrier to purchase, which is no change from the last time we undertook the research,” he said.

    “With our support, our partners can also do better at communicating how and where to purchase New Zealand strong wool products in the US market, and how to clean and care for wool, according to the figures.”

    On a positive note, New Zealand’s reputation for producing the best wool in the world continued to rise, he said.

    “The stats show that when compared to other wool-growing nations like Australia, the UK and even the USA – home turf for these consumers – our wool ranks as being better-quality, more luxurious, more sustainable and even more natural than other countries’ wool.”

    More about Campaign for Wool NZ’s research

    Fresh Perspective was commissioned to conduct the research on behalf of Campaign for Wool NZ.

    Respondents for the consumer insights panel were representative of the national population based on age, gender and region for the top 60 per cent of household affluence, to be comparable with the benchmark study sample in 2021.

    Respondents were sourced via the Dynata consumer research panel - the world’s largest first-party data platform.

    Fieldwork was completed for the USA from October 6-17, 2023, and New Zealand from October 9-19, 2023, with just over 1000 responses from consumers in each market.


  • 17 Jan 2024 7:26 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    Evergreen, a family of leading managed IT services and software companies, today announced its acquisition of Lancom Technology, a prominent managed service provider (MSP) in Auckland, New Zealand with presence in Australia. The investment marks Evergreen’s first expansion into the Australia and New Zealand MSP technology space and will help fuel further growth for Lancom and its customers.  

    Established in 1988 and primarily based in Auckland, New Zealand, Lancom Technology specializes in software development, cloud services, managed services and business process automation. Their employees work with some of the biggest and most innovative businesses across a number of industries verticals locally, nationally and internationally. As an advanced Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Solutions partner, Lancom leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of its client base.  

    This acquisition unlocks potential for both organizations. For Evergreen it marks its first expansion into ANZ while providing Lancom with a permanent home to continue to grow its business. For Lancom it has the opportunity to capitalize on Evergreen’s global network and resources and add more depth to its growing cloud and software solutions. It also allows Lancom to expand into diverse new markets, enhancing its competitive edge and creating possibilities for collaboration, innovation and sustained growth.  

    “It was apparent from the get-go that this acquisition would act as a catalyst, not just facilitating mutual growth, but also fostering shared values and a forward-thinking approach to innovation," said Ramsey Sahyoun, Head of M&A at Evergreen. “Evergreen’s strategic vision aligns seamlessly with Lancom’s existing commitment to technological innovation.”  

    With more than 70 successful acquisitions, Evergreen has a proven track record of amplifying organizations in the MSP space while still preserving its legacy and investing in its continued success.   

    “For over three decades Lancom has been cultivating and nurturing our talent and what appealed to us most about this acquisition was Evergreen’s commitment to preserving our team’s expertise rather than replacing it,” said Waruna Kirimetiyawa, CEO at Lancom Technology. “Because of Evergreen’s ability to offer continuity within our organization, it only took us three weeks to decide that they were the right partner for us.”   

    Through mutual support and collaboration, the two companies will strive to propel Lancom Technology forward into its next phase of growth, together solidifying its position as an industry leader in New Zealand’s growing MSP and IT solutions community.  

    About Lancom Technology 
    We’re a leading IT company serving Australia and New Zealand by specializing in providing software development, cloud services, managed services and business process automation to help businesses succeed by doing more with less.  

    About Evergreen Services Group 

    Evergreen Services Group is a family of leading managed services and software companies operated by world-class leadership teams. Evergreen partners with owners of services and software businesses to provide operational assistance and capital in support of growth and exceptional service delivery. Evergreen differentiates itself by providing a permanent home for businesses that care deeply about their customers and employees. For more Evergreen Services Group news and information, visit

  • 12 Jan 2024 11:46 AM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

    KiwiRail is beyond thrilled to represent New Zealand in being featured on The New York Times ’52 places to go in 2024’ list.

    ‘New Zealand by Train’ appears at number four on the list, positioned proudly between Yamaguchi, Japan and Maui, Hawaii. Great Journeys NZ’s 17-day Signature Tour was recommended in the publication’s annual collection of holiday destinations.

    General Manager of Great Journeys New Zealand, Tracey Goodall, says “To be acknowledged by a publication as prestigious as the New York Times is a true honour.

    “Our passionate crew and tour guides always go above and beyond to ensure phenomenal customer experiences; this is great recognition of the international gold standard the Great Journeys team continue to deliver.

    “Our TranzAlpine, Coastal Pacific and Northern Explorer train trips are widely recognised globally as ‘must-do’ day experiences. Our multiday tours feature these journeys, while visiting lesser-known regions that lie off the beaten track. Our customers love the unique proposition rail provides when they travel throughout New Zealand.”

    The article celebrates how the immersive nature of rail is complimented by the diverse and breath-taking views the country’s railways have to offer, “Road-tripping across New Zealand via camper van is a free-spirited traveller’s dream. But a simpler and more sustainable way to go is by train. Opt for a 17-day journey on the Northern Explorer, Coastal Pacific and TranzAlpine trains offered by Great Journeys, the tourism division of KiwiRail, New Zealand’s national rail operator.”

    The Great Journeys ‘New Zealand Up Close’ Signature Tour offers 17 days traveling New Zealand with a dedicated Tour Guide, includes all three scenic train trips, a variety of unique activities, several meals and four-star accommodation.

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