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21st Century Leader Panel talking points

15 Nov 2019 1:49 PM | Rebecca Caroe

AmCham Womens Chapter hosted the “21st Century Leader: intersection between traditional and new leadership approaches for women”. See photos

  • Panel chair: Dr Sydney Savion, GM Learning, Air New Zealand
  • Katelyn Choe, U.S. Consul General
  • Wendy Kerr, Director – Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland Business School
  • Alliv Samson, COO, Kami Ltd

If you get a curveball - how to cope with your career choices

Wendy - say yes first and worry about the consequences later.

Find the silver lining in this cloud - it's hard to do in the moment but ask, What is the big lesson in this?  How we choose to navigate this situation is what defines us.

Alliv told the story about being rejected by YCombinator multiple times despite Kami's chairman being one of their investors.  Since choosing a different path, they now have grown from 1 to 7.5 million users.

Katelyn spoke about dealing with unknowns.  She uses Suzy Welch's principle of 10-10-10.  What is the impact of this decision in 10 minutes, in  10 months and 10 years?

Sydney recommended Sally Krawcheck's book - Own It: The Power of Women At Work.

And Katelyn shared an acronym which she values - FAIL which stands for Fateful Accident In Learning.  And did you know she has a hopscotch outside her office and invited John Key (among others) to skip down it!

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To keep the learning flowing for our participants after the event, see the resources provided by our speakers.

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