New Zealand Infant Nutrition Start-up Good Feeding Wins Coveted 2020 USA Trailblazers Award

19 Oct 2020 5:23 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

Good Feeding (Go Well), a start-up focused on infant nutrition, has won the 2020 Food-Navigator USA Trailblazers award for innovation in kid-focused foods. Good Feeding provides parents and caregivers guidance, support, and tools to establish healthy eating habits in children from even before their first bite. Its personalised baby food subscription plan, Go Well®, aims to train baby’s palate by utilising windows of opportunity during crucial development phases, exposing baby to different flavors, and promoting acceptance of new foods, especially vegetables.

“At Good Feeding, our focus is to give babies the start they deserve by equipping parents with information and tools to make healthy and safe food choices. This award by Food Navigator USA is a recognition and validation of our efforts towards this end,” Phil McGrath, CEO and co-founder of Good Feeding said. Trailblazers Challenge is an annual event held by Food-Navigator USA where start-ups and established brands pitch their innovative food and nutrition products targeting parents and children. Good Feeding will take the centre-stage at the Food for Kids summit being held in the US next month.

“Good Feeding aims to change perception on infant nutrition by supplementing traditional knowledge on feeding with science-backed information and resources that focus on early exposure to the right foods and flavors. This will be an excellent opportunity to further our mission of educating parents on palate training, and helping them make the best food choices for their little ones,” Frances McGrath, Good Feeding co-founder, said. The company is also a part of the ‘Shaping Early Palates’ initiative by Partnerships for Healthier America (PHA), a nonprofit co-founded by former US First Lady Michelle Obama. The program aims to promote lifelong healthy eating habits and fight childhood obesity.

Good Feeding is set to launch Go Well, its chilled baby food subscription program in the US later this month. The high quality, no added sugar, nutritionally-dense baby food is produced using an exclusive, innovative technology suite that preserves texture, flavour, and colour.