Ryff Announces Partnership with Parrot Analytics to Precisely Target Global Sports, TV & Film Viewers Based On Their Interests

24 Sep 2021 2:56 PM | Mike Hearn (Administrator)

Parrot Analytics’ global audience demand and brand affinity datasets will eliminate irrelevant or unsuitable product placements and increase brand ROI for Ryff customers

LOS ANGELES, Calif., 20th September 2021 – Ryff’s digital brand integration platform will now offer brands the ability to create immediate and impactful branding moments on TV and streaming media, thanks to a new partnership with Parrot Analytics. For example, changing weather, politics, sports scores and news can easily be responded to in real time, for the first time. This will enable brands to target product integrations at scale for every demographic.

Until now, ensuring appropriate cultural and contextual relevance for advertisers has been almost impossible and large-scale campaigns have struggled to cater for small-scale targeted audiences. By taking advantage of Parrot Analytics’ insights into worldwide audience demand for entertainment content, Ryff is now able to deliver product placement inventory for an individual piece of content in any region and country around the world.

In addition, by leveraging Parrot Analytics’ global audience demand, brand and product affinity datasets, Ryff will realize the benefits of an automated and scalable dynamic pricing system. Revenue will be maximized through the optimal combination of advertiser and content, powered by market-specific audience demand, a dynamic pricing engine as well as Parrot Analytics’ supply-side products.

Ryff CEO Roy Taylor remarked: ‘We have created a new disruptive approach to reach consumers the world over in a more dynamic and immediate way. As the entertainment landscape evolves, the new digital product placement industry must evolve too.

By combining our technology with Parrot Analytics’ global audience demand and supply datasets, we are able to supercharge the global targeting of content that will unlock value for our customers - to continue to create the future of advertising.”

Most minutes watched today are on ad-free platforms where traditional advertising no longer delivers the reach, awareness or sales it once did. Ryff has rewritten the rules of product placement with proprietary GPU-based AI technology, allowing brands to capitalize on the shift in audience preferences by placing products directly into fully mastered and edited content.

Wared Seger, CEO Parrot Analytics added: “Global audience demand and supply data is key to maximizing the value of product placement on a market-specific basis and we are thrilled to be working with Ryff on this transformative opportunity. We’re excited to help the company elevate the value of its product to both advertisers and content owners. We look forward to working together to give advertisers access to contextually accurate product placement for shows with proven demand and drive increased monetization of this rapidly growing market category.”

About Ryff

Ryff is part of a new breed of Hollywood player, rewriting the rules of product placement using proprietary AI technology. The company virtually insert products into fully mastered and edited content including library content on OTT. Ryff is opening up new inventory so brands can reach previously unreachable audiences and build cultural relevance.

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